Advanced Solutions


Long-Term, Measurable Growth

If you want to accelerate your customer acquisition rates, expand your brand reach and fully grow your business, you need a team that not only understands your market, but also understands your brand. That perfectly describes the team at MGI.

We Learn About Your Business

MGI makes it a priority to know your brand. We focus on learning what makes your business go – we want to know as much as we can about your products, customers and your current marketing efforts. We’ll discover why your outreach is getting bogged down, and we'll develop a solid plan of attack to get your brand moving in the right direction.

By knowing your business and brand, our unique and proven approach guarantees that each campaign we create is geared for maximum results.

We Develop Strategies That Work

Successful Program Development starts with knowing the best marketing channels for your brand. We focus on what methods will generate the best returns for you - from direct marketing promotions to industry events and more. We’ll develop a marketing and outreach strategy to attract the most receptive audiences and pinpoint ways to engage that audience. Our strategies include a multitude of applications including targeted direct messaging, product launches, and a substantive array of PR goals. Whether your focus is on attracting a local, national, or international audience, MGI is well-prepared to develop a program that can attain your goals and maximize your results.

We Build Sustainable Growth

We understand that your ultimate goal is to expand your brand and maximize your reach, but a truly successful program is one that not only acheives your short-term goals, but delivers consistent results over the long term. Our focus is on developing a marketing plan that is designed to last. We keep our eyes on the ball and everything we do is about engaging and keeping your customers. And we don't stop developing at the first sign of success - we are continually optimizing your program to reach and capture new markets while always maintaining a steady relationship with your existing customers. Cementing a lasting relationship that results in continuous, persistent growth and sustainable profits.

We Keep You Ahead Of The Competitive Curve

Simply put, MGI is among the industry’s best - and your decision to work with our dedicated team will prove to be one of the smartest decisions you'll make in ultimate growth and success of your brand. As a leader in fiber optic technology and outsourced marketing, your customers will get the maximum benefit from your products and services. We are on the cutting edge of real-time data feedback and we continually monitor the feedback about the products we promote. We maintain up-to-date optimization practices so your brand is always miles ahead of the competition.