About MGI


We’re proud to provide the Greater Philadelphia area with the fastest, most dependable technology available. Our services give customers the ability to interact with the world around them by providing unparalleled access to a worldwide network from the touch of the finger.

MGI is dedicated to creating branding specialists devoted to integrity, creativity and dedication. These values are at the foundation of Myrmidon Group and a pillar for building our future.

We are firmly committed to fostering diversity and inclusion. Not only is this applicable to our entire team of managers and account executives, but also with the clients we partner with.

Our reputation as a premier promotional firm would not be possible without our company values. Not only do our principles explain what is expected of new trainees, they also help clients know what kind of service they will receive from each of our team members.

  • Put clients first
  • Always provide exemplary customer service
  • Be honest and have integrity, personally and professionally
  • Offer a fun workplace for colleagues where everyone supports each other
  • Ensure hard work pays dividends
  • Communicate clearly and in detail
  • Executives must keep an open-door policy
  • Provide benefits to the local community

We Are Committed To Giving Back

Our community has supported us throughout our development into the premiere consulting and marketing services provider we are today. We are committed to giving back to the cities in which we work through regular volunteering and fundraising events.

Discount Rewards For The Local Market

MGI partners with local business and organizations to offer exclusive discounts and reward packages to the Greater Philadelphia area. Our unique promotions promote our partner brands while we reward the local market with incentivized discount programs.

A Chance To Grow At MGI

Our training programs and mentorship system give new professionals a chance to build a career and contribute to our success. If you are ambitious, hard working and dedicated, MGI has plenty to offer with several ways to get a foothold in the interactive advertising arena.